Unique Creations in Art, Jewelry and Design. Specializing In Esoteric Gothic Steampunk inspired Items.
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Below, you will find links to Images of my Creations - along with Sound Files of my Musical Endeavors - Full mp3's for Free download:

Images of Tribal Gothic Creations:

> Alien
> Gothic
> Steampunk

Sounds of Tribal Gothic Creations:

> "2 0 0 0" mp3
> "Dance of Isis" mp3
> "March of Cydonia" m4a
> "Where Are You" mp3
> "The Nautilus" mp3

Tribal Gothic Matrix

Tribal Gothic Alien Steampunk
Tribal Gothic - Vie Mecanique specializes in Victorian SteamPunk Art with an Obscure, Fantasy Gothic style. I am an Artist creating unique works of Esoteric visions. Paintings, Sculptures, Electronic Art, Mechanical Art, etc. I have designed interiors for night clubs and have created custom designed unique home accessories for clients. I have illustrated within the underground Dark Horror Comic and literature world - - A fan of Sci-fi, plus; Victorian, Gothic, Eclectic and alternate thinking. ---Visit My Etsy Shop: http://viemecanique.etsy.com
Timeline for Recent and Planned Works of Art:
Whimsical Steampunk Clocks, Alien Gothic Pendants, Paintings and more…

01.20.2008: Initiated new style of Vie Mecanique Steampunk Whimsical Clocks.
05.01.2009: Initiated new style of using Meteorites in TG / VM Creations.
05.01.2009: Initiated new style of Alien Magnified Meteorite Paperweights.
07.03.2009: Revisited older style of "Necro-Erotic" design.
10.30.2009: Initiated new style of "Luminous Alien" design.
01.22.2010: Initiating new style of Alien Gothic Cthonian Yard Mobiles.

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